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Meet the trainer - Lynette Meissner

The beginning of my career was inspired by a rambunctious yellow lab mix named Maggie. In 2000, my husband Joel and I adopted her from a local humane society. After struggling to train her on our own for a few months, we decided to enroll Maggie in a basic obedience course. After taking her through basic obedience and Canine Good Citizen classes, I became an assistant instructor. I worked my way up to teaching my own classes shortly after that.


Teaching puppy classes, basic obedience classes and doing in home dog training gave me a great deal of experience with many different behavior problems. I broadened my skills further with in-home boarding and training, dog walking and fostering for a local rescue group. I also worked for several years at a dog daycare where I was able to train dogs in a pack setting. I have learned a great deal about dog behavior and have studied various methods of training for over 14 years. I have worked with hundreds of dogs and their owners.


I specialize in helping people come up with realistic solutions to their dog's behavior issues. When working with a dog, my goal is to find the best technique to help them reach their full potential.


I am a full time professional dog trainer providing in home dog training for all of Waukesha Co. in Wisconsin.

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