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Frequently asked questions
What is your availability for In Home Training?

I am available for in home training Monday through Friday from 8-1pm.  I offer in home training to all of Waukesha County.


Do you train my dog?
I will work with your dog at first, then show you how to properly train and communicate with them. Since you the owners live with the dog, it is important that you can effectively handle your dog and correct behaviors after I leave.


How many lessons will I need?

It depends entirely on your situation. If there are one or two minor problems you need addressed, a single session may be appropriate. If you are having more serious issues with your dog or are looking to train new commands, you will need a few sessions. It depends on your individual situation and what your goals are. I will make a recommendation after meeting with you and your dog.


How long will it take to train my dog?

Again, that depends on your individual situation. There is no set amount of time that it takes to train commands or fix problems. It depends greatly on how much time you as the owner devote to working with your dog and the severity of the problem. In dog training, you get out what you put in. If you are not 100% committed to changing how you interact and live with your dog, you will see little to no improvement.​


Do you work with all breeds?
Yes, I work with all breeds and ages of dogs.
What if we have more than one dog that needs training? Do you charge per dog?

For in home training, the cost is the same for multiple dog households.


Do you work with aggressive dogs and can aggression be fixed?

I have a great deal of experience working with many different types of aggression.  It is hard to know until working with the dog what can and cannot be completely fixed.  There are so many variables when it comes to this issue. The biggest change needs to come from the owners in the way that they live with and communicate with their dogs. Most dogs will improve tremendously when owners are willing to change and stay committed to the training program.

What is your training philosophy? Do you train using positive reinforcement?

I use mostly verbal praise as reinforcement when teaching new commands and working to solve problems. In certain situations I use food rewards. I also believe that unwanted behaviors need to be corrected in order to truly help dogs and owners. Corrections are used to change unwanted behavior. When working with clients, I assess all dogs as individuals. My goal is to come up with a custom plan for you and your dog that will address bad behaviors and reinforce good ones. It is important to look at the whole picture when training a dog.  This means establishing yourself as a fair and effective leader as well as figuring out what corrections work for your dog.


There are a lot of different training tools and methods. I am not against any specific training tools or methods, however, over the years I have seen what works and what does not. My mission is to give my clients non-biased and accurate information so we can help remedy behavior problems quickly. I want to reduce the stress and anxiety of the owners so they can have a better relationship with their dogs.  Every clients situation is unique. I will make a training recommendation based on the dog's temperament, the severity of the situation and the environment. 


Do you offer a guarantee?

My training programs are designed to give you the tools and information to train your own dog.  I do not offer a guarantee because it is up to  the owners to put in the work necessary to train their dog and fix problems. I do, however, offer free follow up e-mail support for the life of your dog.

Does my dog need in home training or a group class?
Your dog needs in home training if you are struggling with behaviors that happen specifically in your home environment, in your yard, or on walks. In home training is also ideal for people with busy schedules that can't commit to weekly lessons or need to work at their own pace. 
Do you offer training at different locations like parks or pet stores?
Yes, I can do private training sessions at any public space in Waukesha County that allows dogs.
What do I need to be ready for an in home lesson?
The number one thing to have ready is an open mind and readiness to try different and new things. I bring training tools and equipment with me so we can see what works with your dog. 
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