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The importance of a proper leash

The importance of a proper leash is crucial for control and safety of your dog. There are many different types of leashes made of all different kinds of material. In the picture above you'll see a leash made of nylon, vinyl, and the bottom 2 made of leather. These are the 3 types of leashes I personally recommend as they are the strongest and easiest to use. Many people choose nylon leashes because of the variety of colors and designs. A downfall to nylon is if you have a very strong dog that is prone to pulling and lunging, you may experience leash burn on your hands. In this case I would highly recommend a good quality, thick leather leash.

When purchasing a leash, it is important to check the quality of material it is made from. Open and close the clasp several times to make sure it doesn't stick or seem flimsy. Cheaply made leashes can break and fall off causing accidents to occur. Generally, a good leash will cost any where from $15.00 to $30.00.

Avoid retractable leashes. They offer little to no control and cause endless accident and injuries. To read more about the danger of retractable leashes, click this link:

In closing, a well made leash will offer security and safety and will last the lifetime of your dog.

Written by Lynette Meissner

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