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Choosing the right breed of puppy

The above picture is of a four month old Brittany Spaniel named Billie. Brittany Spaniels have endless energy and need to run every day. This particular pup's owner is the superintendent of a golf course. Billie goes to work with him every day where she can run flat out in a huge enclosed area. He is an example of an ideal owner for this breed of dog.

Choosing the right puppy for your lifestyle is extremely important. Many people will choose a breed they like the looks of, but who's energy level and temperament do not match. When deciding on a breed, ask other people who own the breed of dog you are interested in about what they are like. Energy level, exercise needs and training requirements should all be a huge part of your decision. Keep in mind that breeder's opinions of their own breed may be scewed. Be honest with yourself in how much time you will be able to spend training and exercising your new puppy. Also keep in mind that no breed of dog is inexpensive. Vet care, food, toys, and training are all necessities.

Written by Lynette Meissner

For more information on dog breeds, visit the American Kennel Club at

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