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“I never thought we would see the day when our stubborn puppies would respond to the command "kennel". With Lynette's help they not only respond to the command, but we find them laying and relaxing in their crates. Thank you Lynette for giving us the tools to make this less stressful for our boys Bentley and Cooper!”


Kim Larson, Milwaukee

"I adopted a 10 month old pug mix and was completely overwhelmed the first week with her "naughty" behaviors and anxious energy. I contacted Lynette, who was available the very next week to meet with me. She knew that getting my dog's walk under control would be the first step. She demonstrated different techniques with the leash, then watched me do it and gave feedback. I started seeing a dramatic difference in my pup within a week! Lynette used her time with me to work on my dog's specific issues, so the service was very personalized. In addition to troubleshooting other undesirable behaviors, Lynette is also very knowledgable about dog gear and products. She answers communications promptly as well! My dog is much calmer and way more fun to be around now!"

Leah Wanner, Waukesha

"Emma was a stray from Kentucky and had no idea how to behave in a home. She had issues with potty training, food obsession, and bolting out the front door. Lynette gave me the training skills to help her become a great companion. Dogs are opportunists; Lynette showed me how to stay two steps ahead!"


Tracy Thiel, Greenfield

"Pennie and I had been struggling with our newly adopted puppy Leo. We seemed to be making progress in some areas and horribly failing in others! I reluctantly called Lynette and we were both overwhelmingly surprised at how helpful her consultation was. She validated what we were doing right and gently, but directly, corrected errors we were making in our training. She offered great tips on things we could try and what challenging behavior to be alert for in the future. Lynette really helped us make sense of all of the internet research we had done and helped us continue down a successful path with Leo!"


Tiffany Meredith, Delafield

"On January 17th I adopted a 1 year old Cocker Spaniel who had been surrendered twice within the first two weeks of the year. He was so cute; I had to give him his forever home. Little did I know he had issues with potty training. It had been so long since I had to potty train a dog, I called Lynette; she came over and gave me tips to train him. Now Riesling is going outside like he should. He still has “accidents” but they are few and far between. A part of me thinks that he was trained, but considering his circumstances I think he felt the need to test me; fortunately with Lynette’s help, I passed and now he is in his forever home."


Angela Hunt, Milwaukee

"Lynette has helped Winnie to become much more comfortable in social situations and around other dogs. Lynette has educated me on spotting signals that Winnie gives that I never had noticed. This information has allowed me to help my dog Winnie enjoy her interactions with people and other dogs. Lynette has been very flexible in her schedule allowing her to train Winnie and me in my home and in public places. I highly recommend Lynette as a expert trainer for anyone's dog, in any situation."


Bill Powers, Waukesha


"Lady came to us with socialization and anxiety issues. Lynette gave us specific tools and training tips to balance Lady's behavior. When a new baby came into our lives, Lynette advised us to give our old Lady a few safe places away from the crawling baby, yet still close and involved with the family. Lynette is knowledgeable about dog psychology and provides training that supports how a dog sees the world."


Sarah & Mike Relich, Waukesha

"I adopted my dog Rue at 14 months old from a kennel. He had a lot to adjust to with his new life with me and has some anxiety issues. I almost couldn’t keep him due to constant barking when I was away. Luckily we found Lynette! We conquered the barking quickly (so thankful!) and were then able to work on many other issues such as leash walking, basic and then more advanced commands, approaching people and other dogs, and a recent development, anxiety in the car (never take an anxious dog through a carwash!). I haven’t gotten any complaints about his barking since, and several neighbors have commented recently on how much he has improved when we meet them out walking. I know some of the issues are due to my own emotions, and Lynette never makes me feel guilty or bad, she just gives me good advice on why and how to adjust my approach. She always has several options for us and gives written reviews of what we are working on. She will loan us some of her tools so we can try them out first. Rue is always happy to see Lynette, she just seems to have a way with him that keeps us working with her! Thanks Lynette!"


Laura Marusinec,  Brookfield

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